After mesmerizing an incredible 460 million viewers in over 150 countries worldwide for more than a decade, television’s biggest ‘Star’ maker reality show now comes to Pakistan!
6.5 billion Voters in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, North and South America have greatly enjoyed this exhilarating, highly rated show that helped numerous aspirants to launch themselves as extraordinary talents.
Pakistan Idol is here to offer you an exceptional opportunity to transform all your grand dreams, hopes and aspirations into a living reality. Since its inception in 2001, the world’s most popular singing reality show has enabled millions of dreamers to not only exhibit their talent on a grand scale but also test their fate. You too can explore your potential and reach for the stars in the grandest reality contest of the country, PAKISTAN IDOL

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Pakistan Idol is an Pakistani reality-singing competition series created by Simon Fuller produced by 19 Entertainment TV Ltd. and distributed by FremantleMedia Enterprises. It began airing on Geo Entertainment on December 6, 2013,[2] as an addition to the Idols format based on the British series Pop Idol after the Geo TVacquire the production rights of franchise in 2007, due to abstruse quandaries of production and on security grounds fructification of franchise stops back but director and producer of content head Saad Bin Mujeed confirmed that show has been began its broadcasting in December, 2013.[3]

It is the 50th addition to the adaptation of series called Idols format based on British series by the name Pop Idol and first adapted by Poland as Idol and then globally in 50 countries with in the decade and has been very popular since its inception, the most successful adaptation of series is of American Idol which led it to its thirteen seasons and has achieved many accolades and positive response.

The concept of the series is to find new solo recording artists where the winner is determined by the viewers in Pakistan. Winners has been chosen by viewers through telephone, Internet, and SMS For first season the show will declared its winner after its journey of three

Pakistani Idol employs a panel of judges who critique the contestants’ performances. The judging panel for the first season consists of country singer Hadiqa Kiani, singer/actress and comedian Bushra Ansari, and rock singer Ali Azmat. The show is originally hosted by television and film personality Mohib Mirza as of series first season from auditions to continuing on for the rest of the seasons..

The series garnered an immense reception, millions of people went out for auditions occurred in various cities of Pakistan. Mobilink one of the sponsor of the series receives 10, 861 entries for mobilink’s mobile auditions from desired participants with in one day after the lines set up open for audience.[4] The show hit the maximum of TRPs of channel and becoming popular widely over the small panned of time.

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Pakistani Idol is an adaptation of reality singing series competition based on British show Pop Idol, which was in turn inspired by Popstars, TV Show producerNigel Lythgoethen saw the concept in Australia and brought over to Britain.[5] Using the idea from Popstars of employing a panel of judges to select singers in audition, then adding other elements such as telephone voting by the viewing public (which at the time was already in use in shows such as the Eurovision Song Contest), the drama of backstories and real-life soap opera unfolding in real time, Simon Fuller then created Pop Idol.[6] The show debuted in 2001 in Britain with Lythgoe as the producer and Simon Cowell as one of the judges, and was a big success with the viewing public.

In 2007, The president of Geo TV Imran Aslam acquired the rights of series to be adapted for Pakistan after its popularity in Indian version but due to country’s critical conditions and on security bases the director of series Saad Bin Mujeeb and Geo TV cancelled the production at that time, in an interview Mujeeb said now Geo has confident about the security measures we have put in place and also more confident about our own abilities to take on this massive undertaking.[7] At a press conference Imran Aslam, stated “Idol ban k dikhao, Pakistan is waiting for you” and said that music is an important part of culture and describe that how this stage will help people more easily to reach their dreams, he quoted some famous singers name and their journey towards music.[8]

Judges and Hosts

Pakistan Idol Judges


150px Ali Azmat %28Pakistan Idol%29 Pakistan idol Episode 16 by geo Entertainment 31st January 2013
Ali Azmat
150px Hadiqa Kiani %28Pakistan Idol%29 Pakistan idol Episode 16 by geo Entertainment 31st January 2013
Hadiqa Kiani
150px Bushra Ansari %28Pakistan Idol%29 Pakistan idol Episode 16 by geo Entertainment 31st January 2013
Bushra Ansari


The show had originally planned on having four judges following the Pop Idol format, however only three judges had been found by the time of the audition round in the first season, namely Bushra Ansari,[9] Hadiqa Kiani[10] and Ali Azmat.[11]Judges for 1st season officially were unveiled on 20 November 2013.[12] The director of the content decided to put these judges on such platform of talent, Bushra Ansari a veteran Pakistani artist who is Actress, Comedian, Socialist, Director, Host, Anchor, Mimic-artist and occasionally singer, Multi-talented Bushra Ansari, who is a trained singer and she has the ability to sing all genres of music especially classical. She has been singing since she was a kid – her talent has been groomed over the years with the exposure she received while working with the great names of her time. Bushra is so good at all she does, that her own achievements mask what she has achieved before. She has done some great characters throughout her acting career but many people have forgotten that she entered the showbiz world as a trained singer. In late 80s when she comes to TV industry she start mimicking Noor Jahan by singing like her, though she didn’t took singing as her proper medium of occupation but she is very well remain known as singer.[13] Hadiqa kiani is one of the most talented singers name in Pakistani music history, her unique style of singing make her Pakistani one of earlier rock-star in late 90s after Nazia Hassan, She received Classical singing training under Ustad Faiz Ahmad Khan and Wajid Ali Nashad She gives Pakistan’s music scene a refreshing touch and she keeps reinventing her looks which keep her fans engaged[14] and the third judge is Ali Azmat which is the most talented and adroit singer of all time, he was the lead vocalist of Pakistani first ever internationally acclaimed sufi rock Junoon band, Also in 2001, Ali was to become the first person ever to perform at the United Nations General Assembly along with an Indian band. He chose to sing his song ‘Dosti’ which was appropriate since the theme of this song is peace and the UN was formed to bring peace in the world. Earlier, he had performed the same song in India on the request of an Indian Prime Minister. In 2003, Ali performed live at the Royal Albert Hall in UK.[15] The series comprises the same format and will be based on original concept of series.

Guest Judges may occasionally be introduced during the series, as they only come for moral support for the contestants or for their promotions bases contents. This is also the format of the series comes periodically in every season of the series to increase the TRPS of show or to increase the show viewers.


As of first season Mohib Mirza is the host of series.[16]

Selection Process[edit]

In a series of steps, the show selects the eventual winner out of many tens of thousands of contestants.

Contestant eligibility[edit]

The eligible age-range for contestants is currently fifteen to 30 years old. The initial age limit in original format was sixteen to twenty-four, but the upper limit was raised to twenty-eight and the lower limit was reduced to fifteen in previous years series. The contestants must be legal Pakistan residents, cannot have advanced to particular stages of the competition in previous seasons (varies depending on the season, currently by the semi-final stage), and must not hold any current recording or talent representation contract by the semi-final stage (in previous years by the audition stage) in simple regards a person is not eligible for the series if he/she had been in the top-four finalist that may be considered as a recognizable singer.

Initial auditions[edit]

like Original series procedure, Pakistan Idol similar to Indian Idol follow identical procedures of selection. Desired participant have to register themselves by sending their details via sms subscription lines open for audience. Contestants then go through at least three sets of cuts.The first is a brief audition with a few other contestants in front of selectors which may include one of the show’s producers. Although auditions can exceed 10,000 in each city, only a few hundred of these make it past the preliminary round of auditions. Successful auditioners then sing in front of producers where more may be cut. Only then can they proceed to audition in front of the judges, which is the only audition stage shown on television. All the judges then themselves carried out the auditions in each city and select randomly roundabout 100 contestant, by giving them a golden ticket to Karachi, later then they have to pass three rounds all are done by show judges only, and only 12-13 contestant reaches to Idol Stage, from them winner will be selected by public voting till end.

Theater and Piano Round[edit]

After selection from initial auditions, all the selected contestants by the judges are sent to Karachi, where the show actually begins. Once in Karachi, the contestants perform individually or in groups in a series of rounds. First they have to pass theater round, in which they will perform in groups and then Piano round where the selected participant from the previous round perform And then re-selected by the judges and last round will be final and 12 to 13 contestants will reach, from them the winner will be declared.

Audience Voting[edit]

By following series format, The fate of all the final-listed 12-13 is decided by public vote. During the contestant’s performance as well as the recap at the end, a toll-free telephone number for each contestant is displayed on the screen. For a 8-hour period after the episode ends (up to twelve hours for the finale) in each PK time zone, viewers may call or send a text message to their preferred contestant’s telephone number, and each call or text message is registered as a vote for that contestant. Viewers are allowed to vote as many times as they can within the 8-hour voting window, however, the show reserves the right to discard votes by power dialer. One or more of the least popular contestants may be eliminated in successive weeks until a winner emerges.


Semi – Finals round of series may consist of six or five contestants and may split into different groups to perform individually in their respective night. The men and women sang separately on consecutive nights, and the bottom two in each groups were eliminated each week until only six of each remained to form the top twelve.


In the final the three remaining contestants perform to determine the winner. One will be eliminated from three a few hours earlier and then from the last two, winners will be declared.

Reward for winners and finalist[edit]

At grand finale of the show two or three finalists will encounter and the contestant who will receive the largest percentage of votes will be adjudged winner. The winner will be awarded a hefty amount of prize money, recording contract in addition to the title of Pakistan Idol and luxurious SUV.[17] the First and second runner up (If any) will receive half of the prize than winner and the show trophy.



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